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List your space for free

Advertise your Costa del Sol property to rent FOR FREE quickly and easily on our Let’s Rent in Spain website.


Decide how you want to host

Determine how much you want to charge, which periods you would like to rent out your property and how many people are allowed. You have full control!


Write a descriptive listing

Communication is key. Be clear with what you’re offering and manage guests’ expectations. Your description should be easy to read and contain relevant and specific details.

Since I signed up the last month I have had 2 reservations and at least 5 requests for information. I’d say it’s a good average. I hope to be able to implement even more reservations for our rental on the Costa del Sol during the winter season and the next summer season.

Danielle, The Netherlands

What do you get?


Determine how you want to manage your rental period

Accommodations can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also set minimum and maximum days stays, allowed check-in and/or check-out dates.

Create your own pricing and additional fees for guests

You can also design your own packages by creating surcharges which can be priced per item, day, stay or person. They can also be optional (eg. breakfast) or mandatory (security deposit, cleaning fee etc.) to users.

Reviews collected directly from guests and added to your listing

Users can leave reviews after they completed the reservation. The system calculates the score and displays it as user rating. When you get a review, the review becomes visible on the website.

Calendar to manage your property’s availability

Accurate availability calendars and a fast booking process ensure a smooth user experience which encourages customers to return. Mobile-friendly calendars allow site users to book directly from their preferred device.

Inquiry forms

Inquiry forms are present on every accommodation. They are used to contact us directly.

Unlimited photos and detailed description possibilities

Showcase your property with a full gallery of photos, a detailed property description, and a pinned location on our map.

Easy to use. Nice calendar view and functionality and love your customer service, always helpful.

Jason Daugherty, UK

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a setup guide?

Yes we do please contact us and we will get in touch with the necessary information.

What costs do you charge when our rental has been booked via this website?


How do I know if my property is fit for Let's Rent in Spain?

Your rental must meet the necessary Rental Standards, which are that every guest should arrive to a property that is Safe, Clean, Guest Ready and As Advertised on this website.

Your calendar must be kept up to date at all times to avoid the potential for double bookings.

Do you help with guest communication?

Yes! Let’s Rent in Spain manages all pre- and post-stay communication with your guests. This includes booking confirmations, payment notifications, check-in instructions and review requests.

Can I still enjoy my home for personal use?

Of course! You are free to block your Let’s Rent in Spain calendar for personal use at any time as long as your property is available during your desired dates.